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Let’s Begin.

Christmas is days away, and a new year will follow. This time last year, we were clueless about how life was about to change for all mankind.

Who would have imagined that the world as we know it would stop? That we all would be tucked away in our homes, unable to roam about, wrap our arms around loved ones, or go and do as we please?

We experienced heartbreak and loss, choices were scrutinized, and uncertainty knocked on the door of every heart.


I think I’ve heard this story before!

Was it the three Hebrews boys, with the odds stacked against them, and they got tossed into the fire?

Maybe it was Joseph, whose brothers hated him so much they sold him off, and he landed in prison after being wrongfully accused.

No, I remember now. It was the Israelites; yes, I am certain it was they. Remember, they were in captivity in Egypt for more years than I can recall, and those nasty plagues came. Crazy times!

Sorry, I got off track…we are talking 2020 crazy.

Isn’t it funny how we forget the many times God has seen his people through the trials of life? We are so easily led away from the truth and the light, aren’t we.

I don’t know what 2021 will bring, but I know who does, and He is in control. He was the God of old, faithful to bring His people through every circumstance despite how it looked.

The times, the characters, and the settings may have changed, but He changes not. He is the only constant, and He is still the God of today.

Let us begin again to believe His Word.

Let us begin again to speak life.

Let us begin again to focus on what is truly important.

Let us begin again to love unconditionally.

Let us once again begin each day with His purpose in our hearts.

Let’s Begin!